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210 Huntsbury Avenue


Christchurch 8022



A family owned boutique
organic vineyard in North Canterbury

Nestled on the rocky slopes of the Port Hills on the outskirts of Christchurch City, Tussock Hill vineyard produces high quality organic wines. This site is complemented by our flat sun soaked vineyard in the prestigious Waipara wine region, with both sites producing complex handcrafted wines.

Our grapes are carefully nurtured from the rich soil they grow in, to the minimal intervention we use in the wine making process. We use a variety of livestock and biodiverse plantings to improve soil quality throughout our vineyards. We use minimal organic sprays throughout the growing season.

Our Cellar Door Restaurant on the Port Hills serves a delicious selection of seasonal sharing plates with carefully selected local produce to compliment our beautiful organic wines.

Vineyard Retreat accommodation overlooks beautiful Pinot Noir vines with a wide view of the Port Hills and a commanding view of the sunset

As a multi generational family we are concerned for the wellbeing of our environment. This has led us to adopt a holistic management approach to the way we farm our land. Based on the principles of regenerative agriculture we work with nature and use organic practices to protect our soils, our vines and ourselves. This means no pesticides, manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers are used in the production of our grapes.

The environmentally sustainable management of our land builds healthy soils and creates a natural environment that encourages wildlife to flourish. In addition to viticulture we raise Kunekune pigs, Baby Doll sheep and chickens, all of which are farmed organically and free range. Together they make a valuable contribution to the nourishment of the land, weed management and pest control.