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Our philosophy

We aspire to not only grow world class wine but to integrate regenerative agricultural practises and holistic livestock grazing throughout our properties. We are increasing the biodiversity of our vineyards through the use of cover crops and expanding our native plantings.

Our vision is to create a closed system that provides high quality organic produce for our family, our cellar door and local community. We aim to recycle our organic waste from the vineyard and cellar door back into the vineyard through composting. The establishment of a small market garden and food forests onsite, in conjunction with local organic producers, will supply our cellar door with fresh high quality local produce.

We want to create a business and setting that can be used by the community and be valued for generations.

The view from the top block of our Pinot Noir vineyard on the Port Hills

Home vineyard

The Home Vineyard is located on the north west facing slopes of the Christchurch Port Hills. It enjoys long sun-filled days during the growing season. The evenings are cooled by the prevailing sea wind from the east. This lengthens the time before harvest and generates more intensity in the grapes. The weathered volcanic clay soils deliver a minerality that contributes to the unique flavour of the wines from our Home Vineyard. Our Pinot Noir vines were first planted over two decades ago, more recently we have added Syrah and Pinot Gris, which will produce their first grapes in 2022.

View of Waipara vineyard

Waipara Vineyard

The Waipara Vineyard sits within the Omihi Basin below rolling limestone hills to the east. This part of the North Canterbury wine growing region enjoys a micro climate that is consistently several degrees warmer than the Port Hills. The vines are irrigated from pure groundwater drawn from aquifers below the Canterbury Plains. Clay soils mixed with limestone that has washed down from the hills over millennia contribute to a terroir that delivers concentrated and expressive wines. Our Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling vines flourish in this rich environment.


Two vineyards in the North Canterbury wine region in the South Island of New Zealand


The North Canterbury wine region is a cool climate area with hot and dry summers


The Port Hills vineyard has varied clay atop rich volcanic soil. While Waipara is on Awapuni clay loam


We grow a variety of grapes including: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Syrah.


Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, sweet and dry Rieslings, Rose, Pinot Gris and Pet Nat


Organic, minimal intervention winemaking, using natural yeasts and minimal sulphites at bottling