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Christchurch 8022



Travel Management Plan for Tussock Hill Vineyard

Tussock Hill Vineyard is committed to safe, healthy and sustainable travel to and from the Cellar Door/Restaurant at 210 Huntsbury Avenue, Cashmere, Christchurch. 


As per our Host Responsibility Policy and commitment to your safety, we encourage the use of taxis, minivans, rideshare, the bus route 17 and having a designated driver, should you choose to enjoy drinking some of our wine.

Ways to travel to and from Tussock Hill:

Tussock Hill supports the use of bicycles and walking as a means of transport to and from our restaurant. There are amazing walking and mountain biking tracks that begin beside our entrance and links to the summit road. It is a wonderful opportunity to actively enjoy the Port Hills before coming to us for a lunch overlooking our beautiful city. We have a number of bike racks for you to lock your bike safely while you enjoy using the restaurant. 


The number 17 bus travels up Huntsbury Hill stopping near Vista place, from there it is a 20 minute walk up to the Cellar Door. The buses travel regularly up the hill and our staff will have access to the bus timetable so you can plan your journey home. 


Tussock Hill also encourages the use of shared vehicles such as uber, uber XL, taxis, hired minivans and general ride sharing. We will always be happy to call you a taxi should you need a safe way to get home.


Minivan use is appropriate and encouraged for small groups. We have ample parking onsite and access is through our entrance driveway. If passengers have limited mobility there is a delivery bay to the left of the entrance where it is possible to pull in and allow passengers to get out closer to the Cellar Door. 


Should you choose to drive, we have a dedicated car park which includes an accessible park and 2 electric charging stations.

Vehicles that are not permitted:

It is not possible to use a bus or coach as there is no suitable turning point and the site cannot be accessed by such large vehicles


We are working closely with the Christchurch Council to monitor any overflow from our carpark. But there is roadside parking outside our property.


Please click the button below to direct you to a detailed overview of our site’s accessibility.

Our Cellar Door Restaurant has a drive in bay to pull in nearer to the entrance and a ramp leading to the wide front door. Please feel free to back a vehicle right on to the paved area at the front to let people out of the car. Most of the driveway is teddington chip (stones) so may be hard to navigate in a wheelchair until it compresses some more- we are more than happy to help with access if we are able.