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210 Huntsbury Avenue


Christchurch 8022



Who are we?

Truly family run and operated

The Targett family is dedicated to managing and operating their organic vineyard, restaurant and accommodation in Christchurch. Since 2017, this multi-generational family has brought passion and expertise to every aspect of their business.

  • Graham and Sally: Manage the two vineyards, ensuring sustainable and organic farming practices.
  • Melaina: Oversees the Cellar Door restaurant and the Vineyard Retreat accommodation as well as managing admin and social media.

We are supported by many family members, including parents John and Tina, sister Heather, our partners and Melaina and Graham’s children; Sylvie and Theo.

Our family is dedicated to showcasing the best of Canterbury’s local produce, our own organic wine and fostering a welcoming environment for all visitors.

Why is this site special?

Why are we organic, have animals and what are we up to?

The vines on our Home block are nearly 30 years old. The Vineyard has been farmed organically since day one. We have a number of interesting projects in the works at the moment:

  • Babydoll sheep- a small breed of sheep we use to keep the grass down around our vineyard, which reduces tractor passes and therefore carbon emissions. At times they are used in the growing season to leaf pluck. They provide valuable nitrogen in their urine and nutrients in their organic waste that helps soil diversity onsite.
  • “The weeds” outside the window. You may see a range of different plants thriving between the vineyard rows. Rather than being messy weeds they are carefully chosen seed mixes that provide nitrogen, use their roots to break up the soil, assist the pollinators on site among many other things
  • We’ve planted hundreds of natives onsite to regenerate and revive this site for birds, insects, soil and generations to come
  • We have been turning our hill side into swales to help decrease erosion, while re-directing the water to newly planted trees such as natives, fruit and nut.
  • We have planted a beautiful organic vegetable garden that we use to supply the restaurant with a few crops and all of our garnishes

What we're doing differently in the Restaurant

We have always been passionate about using local smaller producers, using ethical meat and using seasonal produce.

  • We use smaller local producers such as Leeston Grocers, Pihi Farms, Clevedon Buffalo, Poaka, Millmore Downs, Prima Coffee, Mikaku Tea
  • We work with local farmers to trial cooking techniques for new vegetable varieties
  • We minimise food waste by using whole fish, using onion skins as ash seasoning, making stocks from scratch and using any excess wine in cooking. Our oyster shells are carefully saved and ground up to use in our gardens.
  • We design our menu to cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements
  • We donate to a range of community initiatives such as schools, community groups and fundraisers
  • We are constantly striving to be more inclusive, accessible and diverse.
  • We are growing a range of herbs, vegetables and flowers on-site to give you a true farm to table experience.
  • We care for our staff, we’re a close knit team and we truly value the passion and loyalty they have brought to the business
  • We save our bottle tops to give to local charities and community groups
  • We have two electric vehicles we use ourselves for work and we have installed two electric charging stations onsite!

Our certifications

  • Both Vineyards are Organically Certified with Asure Quality, this means we are also certified sustainable winegrowers.
  • Our Vineyard Retreats are Qualmark certified, with a 4+star rating and a SILVER Sustainable Tourism Business Award
  • Destination Partner with ChristchurchNZ helping to drive tourism in Christchurch.

What are we striving towards?

  • A proper composting system onsite
  • A true farm to table experience for our guests
  • To keep increasing our support to local producers